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HIV/AIDS in Alaska

In 1982, the first known HIV/AIDS case was reported in Alaska. As of December 2004, there were approximately 1002 HIV/AIDS cases statewide. Of this number 228 were Alaska Natives living with HIV.*

Column chart showing the number of Alaska HIV/AIDS Cases

The disease is in Alaska AND there are Alaska Natives who live in remote and rural communities in Alaska who have been infected and affected by this preventable disease. Some may not know that they are infected and could be passing on the virus to others.

This online resource strives to provide the most accurate and current information on HIV/AIDS, and provide a safe place for Alaska Natives who are living with the disease to come together in an online forum, and know that they are not alone.

*Source: State of Alaska Epidemiology, for more current data visit their website: State Epidemiology


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Updated September 29, 2005

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